Orange Door Acres Farm

Tim and Donna Norris grew up and raised their family in Cambridge ON, always enjoying their time outside with mother nature.  When our children ‘flew the coup’, we decided then to pursue a new life in the country.  Since we were both working full time, it was imperative that our new place should be located within a decent driving distance to our employers.  In 2012, we found the farm we would lovingly call “Orange Door Acres”.  The original homestead was deeded by the crown in 1859 and the house we call home now, was built in 1880.  We are the third family to call this farm “home” and have embraced the farm life with open arms.


The next challenge, what kind of farming can we do with 5-1/2 acres? 

It seems like an obvious choice, we’d raise a few chickens and turkeys for ourselves. The next challenge, how?  With a lot of research and help from farming friends, we created our first chicken coup from an existing horse stall and watched our day-old chicks grow into beautiful, healthy birds.  We were hooked!


In 2014, we raised 20 chickens and 3 turkeys thru the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) Family Food program.  Our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed the flavour of our chickens and immediately placed orders for the following year.  In 2015, we raised 60 chickens, in 2016, we raised 160 chickens.  In 2017, we discovered that the CFO had launched a new program called the Artisanal Chicken Program and it allowed farmers to raise up to 3000 birds.  Since the Family Food Program only allowed up to 300 birds, this seemed like the next logical step to becoming a sustainable farm.

We knew our barn would require modifications to allow the birds adequate room to grow and easy access to the pastures where they would be able to enjoy sunlight, fresh bugs and grass.  That challenge was completed just before our first flock arrived.  Our day-old chicks are gently placed on warmed bedding with food and water available for them to thrive.  Heat lamps and sun kissed windows keep the birds cozy and to help regulate their body temperature until they are feathered.  

The birds are then transported to the finishing room where access to their pasture is a welcomed daily event.  We are hands on with every aspect of raising our birds.  From initial placement in the brooder room to transporting them to the abattoir, we pride ourselves with providing them the best life possible.

The Artisanal Chicken Program has allowed Orange Door Acres Farm to sell our chicken not only from our Farm Store, but at local farmers markets and retail outlets.  Our customers are very loyal and embrace the “buy local” movement.  This support allows us to continue to raise our birds in the most humane environment, exactly the way they should be.  Our sale of frozen whole birds, chicken pieces, chicken bones has recently expanded to now include chicken sausage.  Along with our custom spice blends, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

History of the Farm

Harris Family Land Deed
125 acres of land deeded by the Crown to the Harris Family. A small home was built and the farm began. In 1880 the current house was built and the original home became a chicken coop.
Return to a Chicken Farm
Tim and Donna Norris purchased the farm and spent the first few years making it their own. In 2014 they started raising chickens for friends and family.
Partial Sale of the Farm
In the early 1970's all but 5 1/2 acres of the original farm land was sold. In 1998, after generations in the Harris family, the farm was sold to Deb and Dan. Being the 2nd family to own this farm, they enjoyed riding horses, gardening and raising puppies.
Orange Door Acres Farm
Became Artisanal Chicken Farmers through The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. Orange Door Acres was born.

Visit the Farm

Conveniently located between London and Woodstock, ON. We are a small family farm raising birds the old fashion way, outdoors on pasture and it shows through in the flavour.